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The Life and Music of Chris Mickle

Here are links to some of Chris' personal interests
and experiences he and his wife, Angie, had together.

Chris' Obituary

Angie, kept a log of Chris' progress during his cancer treatments.
The log spans 8 pages over 6 of the 7 year battle. Page 1

    Our Chrysler passion - 1948 Chrysler New Yorker, the car that started it all, and Our 1947 Chrysler Traveler

    There are photos here of our Wedding which took place on August 13, 2005

    And there is the story of our meeting with Hurricane "Wilma" in Cozumel during our honeymoon.

    During Chris' cancer treatments, his ambitions were welcome distractions to our reality.
    In the early 70's he worked on trying to convert a Ford van from gas to electric.
    In 2009, he revisited the idea. This time, converting a Saab.
    Here's the maiden voyage of "Buzz", the Saab EV!!

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